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What does ECOGEA Certified really mean?

ECOGEA certified

What does ECOGEA Certified really mean?

We strongly believe in the power of botanicals and are over the moon to share with you that all our products are now ECOGEA Certified.
We can now officialy and with confidence claim that our products are truly Organic and Natural.

ECOGEA Certified means that we met a number of strict rules and criteria to ensure consumers that their products are genuine Organic and Natural. Consumers can be assured that products with ECOGEA logo are higher quality and verified in detail by third party experts.

This certification means a lot more than just being Natural or Organic, there are strict regulations about formulations, packaging and working process, so you can be sure that your ECOGEA certified product is created and produced the best possible way.

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All our formulations are supercharged with pure botanicals

Our formulations are botanical blends of the best ingredients formulated to transform your everyday self-care rituals. Our starting point for creating a product is to find sustainable, wild and potent ingredients so our products could feel like Sunshine for your skin and your soul. But we understand as a consumer it is hard to make a choice and to trust all the marketing nowadays. That is why we wanted to raise our story a few steps higher so you could be sure we truly are what we talk about. 

  • Assurance from trusted third party with guarantee of a higher quality of products.
  • Guarantee that all ingredients in certified products have been thoroughly checked and are in accordance with natural and organic concepts.
  • No misleading claims and fraudulent marketing approaches and anti greenwashing rule which assure that majority of products from specific brand comply with ECOGEA standard.
  • All products must have expert documentation made to comply with all requirements regarding safety, toxicity and environmental impact.

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