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Growing up in Croatia, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty
of Mediterranean botanicals, nature has always held a special place in my
heart. However, as a member of the generation that grew up with the rapid
expansion of the internet and globalization, I became increasingly confused as
a consumer, bombarded with questionable information regarding our wellbeing and
self-care. At that time as a young student, I found myself spending time in
chemistry labs and researching all that was being served to me, only to realize
that finding completely safe, effective, and sustainable products was almost

Few years later, in 2019, just a month before my daughter
Lena was born, I founded JouJou Botanicals, although it took almost a year to
launch my first products. This was when my obsession with functional botanicals
and green biotechnology began and has been evolving ever since.

I am deeply committed to learning and embracing new
developments in science, while never losing sight of the magic of ancient
self-care knowledge and the power of rituals. My passion for nature and
botanicals fuels my desire to bring this magic to each of our products, making
JouJou Botanicals the epitome of indulgent self-care.

''My wish is to replace mundane, hectic routines with special raw and organic self-love rituals''

Nina - Founder