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inspired by nature

Since day one, we have put our family values into every product and formula. At JouJou Botanicals, we are committed to the most organic and natural approach, ensuring that every decision and product respects the harmony of nature. Our dedication to sustainability and wellness drives us to create high performance but certified organic skincare that nurtures both your skin and our planet.


Our products undergo a strict ECOGEA standard certification process to ensure the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.


  • Assurance from trusted third party with guarantee of a higher quality of products.
  • Guarantee that all ingredients in certified products have been thoroughly checked and are in accordance with natural and organic concepts.
  • No misleading claims and fraudulent marketing approaches and anti greenwashing rule which assure that majority of products from specific brand comply with ECOGEA standard.
  • All products must have expert documentation made to comply with all requirements regarding safety, toxicity and environmental impact.

Sustainability & Packaging

At JouJou, we are guided by the belief that sustainability is the only way. That’s why we aim to use natural, recycled, and recyclable materials in everything, from our packaging to our formulas. We use glass bottles for our magic potions and FSC-certified paper for packing ensuring that it comes from responsibly managed forests, promoting environmental and social benefits. Additionally, our production processes are designed to minimize waste. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting a healthier planet for everyone.


We prioritize animal rights, which is why all JouJou Botanicals products are crafted using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. We're committed to creating skincare solutions that align with our values of compassion and ethical practices. With JouJou, you can trust that your beauty routine is not only effective but also kind to animals.


At JouJou, we prioritize ethical sourcing to ensure our ingredients meet the highest standards of quality and integrity. Predominantly organic and sourced from natural origins, our ingredients reflect our commitment to harnessing nature's purest form. We work closely with suppliers to ensure sustainable practices that avoid harm to the environment or communities. Upholding fair trade principles, we seek safe and ethical working conditions, contributing to community empowerment and social justice. Our ingredients are sourced with care, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and responsibility.