Soapmaking Workshop

If you are curious how to make your own natural soap from the scratch, but don't know where to start? Then you should join our Soapmaking Workshop!



It is not just super fun to make soap, but also you will have full control over the ingredients you use and choose for your soap. It is one amazing skill to have because by making your own natural and nourishing soaps, you won't need to buy synthetic, full of SLS mass product soaps and shower gels anymore.

With us, you will dive into the world of all amazing oils, essential oils, clays and botanical extracts.

We will start with some of the basics of soapmaking and the history behind it, the safety around Lye and about making your recipes and choosing ingredients. You will craft your own special scent using our fragrance and essential oils and our guideline and choose your own clays and botanicals. We will provide you with many PRO soapmaking tips so be prepared for many good information about soapmaking.

You will be guided in making your first soap batch with us one by one so you can catch all the tips and tricks with your own hands and choose the toppings for your batch at the end. We are providing the after help in our Facebook group for everyone who attended our workshops so there you can all share your masterpieces afterward and share the tips one with another.

Here is the short brief of what we will teach you at our workshop:

  • A brief overview of the history of soapmaking
  • Soapmaking basics
  • How to formulate your recipe with a soap calculator
  • How to select oils and butters
  • Safety on handling caustic soda
  • Using botanicals and plant extracts
  • Using clays and powders
  • Use and dosing essential and fragrance oils
  • Where to get all the ingredients

What do you get:

  • 1kg of soap that you will make yourself and take home
  • Large selection of essential and fragrance oils, clays, plant extracts and botanicals for making and creating your soap
  • A script with all the instructions and recipes so you can repeat everything at home
  • Afterward support in making your soaps
  • JouJou Botanicals gift package worth 120kn

Next dates

19.08. Online

02.09. Zagreb

11.09. Poreč, Istra

Info and applications

098 9775 913