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Why you need Balm in your Skincare Rituals?

wild things beauty balm jar swatch

Why you need Balm in your Skincare Rituals?

Most of us are very familiar with lip balms and face creams, but a face balm for those who haven’t yet given it a try could be a new skincare game-changer.

The difference between a balm, cream and a face oil is in its consistency and thickeness. Balms are solidified mix of oils, waxes and butters that melt when they come into contact with the warmth of your skin. Balms do not contain any water and therefore they don’t need a preservative. They provide a more robust nourishment and make a protective layer on the skin, sealing in all the benefits of oils and actives it contains. Balms are usually known to be healing and ultra-hydrating so they are the most luxurious way to take care of your skin. Due to balms thicker consistency and concentration of ingredients, they last longer than any other moisturizer.

wild things balm
Infused with wild botanicals



Out Wild Things Beauty Balm is a versatile concentrated + velvety blend is a must-have in your everyday rituals. Full of wild botanical actives to assist in calming dry skin, all other skin irritations and to protect it from external aggressors.

You can use it as a protective and nourishing balm, or as a gentle and soothing cleanser. Works perfectly either way, leaving your skin soft and supple.


A Balm works great as a cleanser, especially for those sensitive parts like around the eyes and lips. It will nourish the skin and leave it soft and protected. Just use a pearl-sized amount and warm it in hands, massage onto skin and gently peel away with a muslin cloth. 

Wild Things is supercharged with a clinically-tested rare extract of Cork Oak that is proven anti-inflammatory, improves collagen contents and skin-renewing. This deeply moisturizing performance is highlighted with cell-regenerating Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, nourishing Cocoa Butter, hydrating Coconut Oil and soothing Castor Oil. The vibrant yellow/orange color comes from unrefined Sea Buckthorn Oil and the soft herbal + floral aroma from Rose Geranium Essential Oil. 

This Balm is created to bring all things wild to your everyday adventures, to keep your skin and spirit on the wild side. 

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