UPLIFT soap bar

5.90€ / 44,37kn 3.90€ / 29,33 kn

Instant mood lifter

This soap is infused with strong yellow clay, antioxidants anatto seeds and turmeric in our amazing soap base and lots of shea butter. It is a scent combination of lemon and sweet orange, middle notes of lavender and ylang ylang and vanilla base. A juicy citrus delight for an instant mood lifting.



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Our special recipes contain blends of quality oils, butter, clays and plant extracts that make our soaps gentle and give them a rich soft lather.

All JouJou soaps are handmade by the cold process method, without the controversial palm oil, harmful chemicals and toxins.

Not only that, but they are also vegan and plastic-free.


Our soap base:

Olive oil - contains large amounts of antioxidants and has strong anti-inflammatory properties

Coconut oil - called the holy grail of natural beauty, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, has a moisturizing effect and protects against oxidative damage

Rapeseed oil - contains a lot of omega fatty acids and vitamin E, which is perfect for softening and care

Castor oil - known for its powerful cleansing and detoxifying properties

Shea Butter - known for strengthening and repairing, improves tones and elasticity


approx. Net wt 100g 

Since each of our soaps is made by hand and in small batches, each piece of soap is unique and will differ slightly in weight and appearance from the image shown.

Although we believe in the power of nature, we at JouJou soaps are not medical or healthcare professionals and do not claim that the use of our products may have a positive effect on pre-existing physical and/or mental health conditions. The data in our descriptions refer to the properties of certain ingredients used in the product.

It is important to remember that natural soap does not contain strong chemicals or preservatives and although it will last longer, it needs just a little extra care.

  • Don't let your soap soak in water, keep it well-drained by using a self-draining soap dish
  • Natural soap really loves to breathe so give it plenty of fresh air between using and try to keep it away from shower rain
  • Using a jute or cotton soap bag extends the soap life
  • Don't keep or store natural soap for too long, it's natural soap and you only live once!
  • Store unused soap in dry, room temperature places because excessive heat and moisture are not good for natural soap
  • If our soaps seem too large for you, just cut it in half or smaller