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the magic of rituals

Back To The Roots

In this modern age, skincare became one of the mundane daily activities. We care about skincare mostly because we want to improve our skin condition and yearn for instant results. In the other hand, when someone spends a lot of time + money on skincare, it is often seen as an act of vanity. Beauty rituals are reserved for spa and wellness centers or some old cultures we don’t feel connected with anymore.

That is why we want to bring it back to the roots. We believe beauty is a spiritual experience of love, care and pleasure. From that idea, our products are formulated as a ritual to worship your beauty + your being. It can easily become your self-care tool, the transformation of a mundane daily routine to something much bigger. A way to enjoy a full-sensory experience, to relax and to ground yourself. Committing to ritual skincare helps your body and your mind to maintain all its radiance.

Embrace Skincare As Ritual

Daily routines are just a matter of organization, while the ritual is of much deeper meaning. Embracing a ritual means making a conscious effort and mindfulness. An intention to explore and open for all the senses and what is coming through. This way, a bedtime shower seen as cleansing becomes the essential part of self-care and helps you to wash away the stress and anxiety. Bath rituals become an unwinding experience. The body + face moisturizing becomes an act of love + care and brings back energy to your soul. Focus on all your senses while using beauty products, be in the moment and you will find the most radiant you.


Worship nature, hug the sun, dive deep in the sea, go barefoot in the woods, kiss the ground, smell the wildflowers, eat the plants, drink from the spring, sleep under the tree, run with the wolves, salute the bees, embrace the untamed...



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