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On the market flooded with synthetic chemicals making no sense for self-care, it is hard to find and trust the product that will do us good. While there are so many sustainable wild ingredients and functional botanicals we just need to reconnect with. We also realized the product can be made with good intention, multi-purpose and not harmful to the planet.


We fill our products with the best active + wild botanicals that nature gave us. Our botanical formulas are organic, wildcrafted + sustainable without artificial colors or questionable ingredients. That is our ethos and our only, wild way. 

We combine many upcycled and by-product ingredients and take good care of their ethical source.

A lot of resources go into growing plants that feed us and therefore, we should use as much as possible what nature gave us. Those ingredients are already of very high performance and we are proud to use them with intention and special care to reduce our footprint by better use of resources. We also put special care for their ethical source and promote the power of the circular economy. 

Our Upcycled Ingredients

Charcoal – Sustainable and versatile ingredient is made from upcycled fencing offcuts

Find Charcoal in Woodland Botanical Soap Bar

Coffee – Exfoliating agent upcycled from spent coffee grounds, we take care it is exclusively specialty Arabica coffee that come from ethical sourced coffee grounds. 

Find Coffee in  Dirty Hippie Botanical Soap Bar

Cork Oak Extract – No tree has to be chopped down for this amazing active ingredient, the cork oak is gently peeled and it regenerate itself within nine years. 

Find Cork Oak Extract in Wild Things Beauty Balm Baby Balm

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