JouJou Soaps is a small family brand that aims to cultivate life in harmony with each other and our planet earth. We produce only high-quality artisan products which are influenced by nature, culture and special memories so everyone could find inspiration by using them.

It's for believers in the magic around us!



We are environmentalists

We passionately care about our beautiful planet and find ourselves responsible for it so sustainability is always our starting point. That means doing what's right and not what's easy.

Our products are designed to be a low waste with eco-conscious packaging and shipping. They are vegan, palm oil and cruelty-free so you can enjoy products that do good to yourself and the environment- for a clean life and clean conscience!

Slow beauty

We are mindful

We are keen on the timeless beauty of handcrafting that is why JouJou products are handmade in small batches with lots of love and attention, so each one of them is unique and essentially better for us and the mother earth. It is about using fewer but better products to minimize unnecessary consumption and waste. We don't only want to offer you more sustainable products but want you to take time for yourself, relax and literally slow down.

We give back

Our social impact

JouJou Soaps is a small company but we strive to give back to the world in a meaningful way. Every purchase supports transparent, ethical and sustainable projects and small business opportunities


Who was JouJou:

JouJou was the creature that thought me how to respect and care for nature, how to enjoy it and spend quality time just wandering alone around the hills and woods with no special goal. But I was never alone, I had JouJou. He was my beloved great pyrenees dog. Rough and strong-minded but yet, so soft and gentle. I always felt so safe beside him and it was the easy way to learn how to spend all of that amazing time loving nature and being there all alone, even after he was gone. JouJou had traits of kindness, wilderness, raw beauty and spiritual balance but still in such a playful and easy loving way for everyone to embrace. Having him in my life I realized I don't need to wander around to find magic, the magic comes from the inside and then we find it all around. That is what I stand for and that is what now JouJou brand is trying to spread.


Part of our unique spirit is our constant collaboration with other creators and retailers because we believe a tree is only as strong as its roots. We are proud and happy to have so many amazing people in our circles and we never plan to stop spreading our tribe.

Stay on the wild side with us!