I will not say we are now living in some wild and tiring times, because it is all on the matter of perspective. But most of us encounter an enormous amount of stress and fear every day. Many times even pleasant events are draining us out.

That is why it's important to create self-care rituals that are easy to put along with our weekly schedules. You must have heard those ''me time'' words and feel like it is just some instant ideas of crazy youngsters who have too much free time. How could I take some ''free time'' when I still have not ticked all the boxes in today's to-do lists. I was the first who did not like the idea of being present with myself. But accepting we are not robots and start to take care of ourselves, no matter all of the empty to-do lists, we need to stop and take time, doesn't matter how much of it, not to take any new informations and just digest and think off all the emotions we already have present. To find the balance.


But how to find the balance?

Simply, by reconnecting to the roots. By practicing slow beauty, inside and out. Not to just mindlessly do everything as a part of our routine, but to pay attention to every part of the ritual, to be present in each moment.


What is Slow Beauty?

Slow beauty is a mindful approach to the choices we make, having all the information and knowledge to choose for a benefit of ourselves and the mother earth. It is about consciously sourcing all the ingredients and only using what we really need. It is a small batch, authentic, handmade, created with love. Slow Beauty takes us all to the roots of everything. It is not about the promise to solve the problems because it doesn’t see it as a problem, it is about the nourishment inside and out to reflect its well-being.



Have you ever thought of the energy of products you use? It is hard to think of the process of beginnings and endings of the products and stuff we used and throw away. How were all of them sourced, where do their ingredients come from, who made them and in what environment they were made, what emotions were put inside those bottles, boxes and stitches? It is all transferred to us whether we like it or not, it leaves an impact, on us and the environment. Do those stuff go away to the soil and the system when we throw them or it just goes away far from our eyes and stays here forever polluting the planet and stealing from the well-being of the future generations. It is us who should challenge, ask and question, so we could have all the information provided for a conscious choice to make.


I will not make this a long listing so here are some ideas of self-care rituals:


  • Light a candle or some wax melts

We have a wide range of soy wax melts and candles to choose from, each one of them will bring you to the dreamy places.

  • Clean the space with some incense smoke

Use some incense resin to burn or JouJou palo santo sticks to purify the air of a space you live in

  • Take a long bath enriched with some herbs and minerals

You can simply pour some Himalayan or sea salt, Epsom salts or tea infusions to your bath or simply pour some JouJou bath tea.

  • Meditate and breathe deep

Meditation comes in many different forms, don’t think you need to clear your mind to meditate, you can simply just take a walk in the park and listen to nature.

  • Put on some homemade mask made of clays

Homemade masks are a must-do, you can mix some clay (bentonite, kaolin, pink) with any kind of herbal powder you have (aloe, spirulina, maca, turmeric), add some water or oil and relax

  • Exfoliate your body

Homemade scrubs works amazing, just add some ground coffee, sugar or sea salt (coconut flower sugar works amazing), add some oil of your choice (coconut, olive, sunflower) and scrub it away

  • Go for a walk around the neighborhood

Simply go out and take a walk!

  • Go for a hike

It is not always to reach the top, its about the journey, right? So just go even for those 15 mins of hike if you don't feel like more.

  • Enjoy some time with animals

Do I need to say more, they are beneficial for us in every way we can think of!

  • Take care of plants

Plants are nice friends who purify the air in our space and it really feels good to have some green in our space.


But don’t forget, the most important part is to be and stay present in the moments you choose to do. But don’t go hard on yourself if your mind goes away from the moment, just don’t give up on ‘your time’.


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