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How to Prepare Your Skin for Summer?

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How to Prepare Your Skin for Summer?

Is the sun bad for your skin?

Some people are scared of the summer, because sun = cancer, right? Actually, it’s not that simple, and every season of the year has its pros and cons.

Ok, but will I get cancer for being in the sun?

Let’s take exercise as an example. Is it good for you? Of course, it will make you feel and look better, plus it is of vital importance to your health and longevity. But can it also be bad for you? Again yes, as anyone who ever started hitting the gym after a long break will tell you. Also, if not done properly, you could injure yourself. 

As with everything in life, sunbathing can be both good and bad, mostly depending on the amount, and the time of the day you are exposing your skin to the sun. And similar to exercising, if you follow a couple of simple rules, you will reap all the benefits without paying the price of sore and dry skin. Preparation is crucial, but don’t worry, it isn’t hard and it won’t take any additional time of your day.


3 essential routines to prepare your skin for the summer

If you are like me (and almost everyone out there for that matter) you are dreaming of a perfect tan. To achieve an even tan and avoid spots, the first thing we need to do is cleanse & exfoliate properly before exposing ourselves to the sun. Not only will that allow for a consistent tan all over our body, but it will allow for your skin to better absorb moisturizers and sunscreen.

When it comes to cleansing, it is easy to overdo it, so we would recommend with sticking to the essentials. Pick a good cold-process soap, which is known for its moisturizing properties. Soaps made using this method are working as humectants, which means that they have locked in the moisture and glycerin, and will be gentle to your skin. For a light exfoliating effect you may want to check out Wildflower, an organic option infused with blue poppy seeds and in you have really sensitive skin, our Baby Soap may be the option for you. It is unscented, free of colors and packed with natural glycerin. 

Most people use exfoliators on their face, but I find them a bit too harsh, and wouldn’t recommend them. For delicate face skin my perfect routine involves using an antioxidant-rich and nourishing balm and a muslin cloth (or just a cotton pad). Just use a pearl-sized amount and warm it in your fingertips, and massage it onto the skin. Finally, wipe off thoroughly with a couple of warmly moistened cotton pads or a warmly moistened muslin cloth. 


When it comes to hydration, you cant disregard that old saying: “True beauty comes from within”.

If you want to have a smooth and elastic skin this summer, take the holistic approach, and start from the within. Minerals, vitamins and plenty of water can do wonders, and during summer it is rather easy to take them in by just eating a lot of fruit. Luckily a lot of seasonal fruit is available in the summertime, especially if you are somewhere in the Mediteran or the tropics. Watermelon, fresh figs, strawberries, peaches, apricots, or peers, take your pick. They are all filled with water, vitamins, and minerals your skin needs on a daily basis. Also, I don’t want to be a party breaker, but do try to avoid alcohol, since it is a diuretic, it will dry you up. 

When it comes to the surface of the skin, we recommend using light oil throughout the day, especially if you plan to spend the day on the beach. Since the chances are you will be applying it several times a day, be sure to pick a light option, which will absorb quickly. If you are looking for something that will regenerate your skin, while smelling and feeling great at the same time, check out our Island Girl summer oil. It is a powerful blend of monoi oil with sea buckthorn, vitamin E and raspberry oil, which can be used on your face, body or even hair. 

Be moderate & wear sunscreen

Sun is life, Sun is energy, it promotes the creation of vitamin D and releases endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones. They almost have an addictive effect, which makes us want to expose to sunlight more and more.

I know it’s not easy, but we must be moderate when it comes to sun exposure. Get most of your sunlight in the morning and evening, and try to spend the midday in the deep shade. If you have no choice, wear light clothing that covers your arms and legs. I know it might sound counterintuitive to be dressing up when it’s hot outside, but think of Bedouin, you don’t see them in the desert in swim shorts, do you?

The science is pretty clear on this one thing, 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers are caused by exposure to UV radiation. Wearing sunscreen is an essential step in staying safe, and today luckily the choice is abundant, you can find a great selection here

Believe it or not, enjoying the sun in the morning and evening will still provide you with all the benefits and that beautiful bronze tan, with far fewer negative side effects. Enjoy your summer and stay safe out there 🌞💖

JouJou blog
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This medallion features a delicate moon-shaped pendant with the soothing beauty of amethyst stone, known for its calming and balancing properties. Made of gold-plated stainless steel.
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