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Skin care

How to care for your baby’s skin?


How to care for your baby’s skin?

When talking about baby skincare, I heard so many times about someone starting to pay attention to the ingredients lists after having a baby of its own. Suddenly, you give that extra care about everything around you, including home goods, food, clothing materials, air quality, etc.

There is something about having that tiny life depending on you, wishing only the best for it, and starting all those researches you were before too bored with.

As skincare is a big part of everyday care for our babies, we know how many of those products we use on them and as the skin is our biggest organ, we need to make research and choose the best for us.
The good information is that market is shifting to much better options and so many natural and safe products are available to choose from. You only need to find what suits you and your baby best.

The skincare products for babies needs to be in perfect balance and used when needed.


But it for sure is, the less the better. As babies’ skin needs to be adapted to the outside world, we need to support it to develop its own skin microbiome so it could protect itself all alone when needed. The skincare products for babies need to be in perfect balance and used when needed. I will write my opinion in short on what I found out in years of research and development of our own JouJou baby products.

baby balm
Nourishing + Protecting Baby Balm formula

Your baby is clean, it does not need any extra cleansing except some water, and if you wish few drops of pure organic almond oil (or olive oil) which is full of vitamin E. Almond oil can also be used as a baby massage oil. When your baby starts to crawl and go on adventures, you can start to use some mild soap. The best option would always be a good fresh natural soap bar, its soft on the skin cleaning dirt away but does not harm the skin microbiome and does not dry out the skin barrier. Check out our Baby Soap.


As I mentioned skins microbiome, if babies skin looks healthy, there is no need to use anything on its skin. A few drops of oil in its bath will do all the magic. But, if you need to protect babies’ hands and face from external aggressors such as cold and wind, then you should search for a protective balm. The best options for protection and care are concentrated formulations that keep the skin protected and do not dry out too quickly. You can check out our organic Baby Balm enriched with anti-inflammatory oak tree extracts and nourishing cocoa butter.


Babies’ skin is already soft and tender, unlike grown-ups’ skin which contains a natural protective layer of dead skin cells. That is why we need to be extra careful when choosing the skin care rituals for our little ones. And that is why I always say in this case, the less, the better.

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