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We love the contrast and differences in all of us. After all, our differences give flavour to the world, and make it such an amazing place. 

It took us a lot of time to perfect our bath tea recepies, and we are proud to bring you this duo pack so you can experience the world how we like it - sometimes light and playful, sometimes dark and challenging, but always wonderful!


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The perfect mix of Mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt with Sea salt

Relaxing Epsom salts soaked with Apricot Kernel Oil, with Vitamin E

Silky Clay enriched with soft Tapioca Starch and powerful antioxidant Hibiscus powder


Weight per bottle: 150g



CALM bath tea 150g

Chamomile, calendula and grounded oats

Relax with this dreamy botanical salt and dry botanicals combo. Our mixture is also combined with soft ground oats, Kaolin Clay finished with Chamomile and Calendula botanicals making this the perfect bath companion.


MAGIC NIGHT bath tea 150g

Hibiscus, rose & lavender

Relaxing and dreamy Magic Night botanical salt combination. Mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt, Sea salt and Epsom salts are enriched with soft Tapioca Starch and hibiscus powder. We also added silky pink clay and soaked it with Apricot Kernel Oil. This whole perfect combination is topped with roses and lavender buds for real magic!